Verena Strobl

Leiterin von internationalen Herzkreisen, Workshops, Retreats und online Trainings zur Entwicklung des Herzens seit 2018, ausgebildete Tänzerin, systemischer Lifecoach, Relaxologin,
Bewusstseinsforscherin (10 Jähriges Training und Supervision im Multi Genius Technologies Institut in Deutschland und Österreich),
Kurs in Wundern, 23 Jahre Meditationspraxis, Forschung an alternativen, naturnahen Lebensweisen und Gemeinschaft

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Verena is a powerful facilitator especially in all matters related to the heart. She has taught me so much about my own heart and its abilities. She has a genuine gift for helping others to understand the ways of the heart and how to communicate with it. I always leave her heart circles feeling more connected to source, and with more confidence in the power of my own heart. What she transmits in these circles is a precious gift to a world. Having witnessed her outside the circles I can also attest to the fact that she embodies what she teaches

Jonathan, Canada

Verena has an expansive and deeply felt Heart that holds a very gentle and safe space for people to discover there’s. I am incredibly thankful for the love, acceptance and space that I felt during the circles. They have taught me how quickly we can sink down from the mind to our chest, and how the heart it is not only the doorway to connect with others but also to connect with the Devine. It’s where we line up with God and from there guidance automatically flows. The circles helped me to through the heart connect with my intuition and deeper feelings. Also it was amazing to see how quickly everybody evolved in there own unique way, and how healing happened as a symbiose from different angles. Deeply thankful for your presence and the courage to share your gift with the world Verena!

Much Love from the oh so Wise Heart.

Jelka, Netherlands

„Verena did let the magic in my heart

grow: more deep peace, love, energy, bliss, concentration, being centered,…

By practicing with her, in group and alone, many skills improved: meditation, healing and more.“

Luc, Belgium